Mother and Daughter Fight Off An Armed Robber with GUNS of Their Own! (VID)


Ashley and her mother were caught off guard by an armed robber that came into their small liquor store in Tulsa Oklahoma. The thief carried a sawed off shotgun and demanded cash- so Ashley opened the register. The man gathered up cash and proceeded to exit, when Ashley remotely locked the front door and handed her mom a gun! As the robber came back in the store Ashley's mom, Tina opened fire on him. Tina and the thief wrestled and she was pistol whipped, Ashley had already pulled out another weapon and opened fire on the thief. The ladies shot him a few times and although he was injured he still attempted to shoot Tina point blank, thankfully he was out of ammo! Police were called and the armed robber was arrested and treated for his gun wounds. Authorities are also saying these brave women may have caught the man responsible for 10 other robberies at nearby locations!


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