Please Get Ya Child! Screaming Kid Makes 8 HOUR Flight Unbearable! (Video)


This vid might make you think twice before booking your next extended flight! Thankfully this doesn't happen on every flight, but can you imagine jumping on a non-stop 8 hour flight and being greeted by a screaming child!? This toddler aged young man not only screamed from start to finish, his mom let him run the aisles freely, climb the seats and just create havoc among the passengers! These passengers were all probably wishing for noise-cancelling headphones and the folks to feel the most sorry for are the people sitting closest to the family because they surely got their shoulders trampled and ears pierced! This poor baby's throat was probably so raw from the 8 hour screaming sesh!! What would you do in this situation if you were the mom, flight attendant or even a passenger??


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