Would U Go This Far? Woman Forces CHEATING Boyfriend To Strip in Public!

Warning: Explicit Language!


Most can't truly say what they would really do if they caught their significant other CHEATING, especially if it's in public. Apparently this young lady caught her man out and about with his side chick shopping for some sexy clothing at a lingerie store! As if it wasn't enough to catch him with his side piece, her blood went 0 to BOIL to when she realized what they were doing! Not only did she confront them, she then forced her EX to strip all the way down to his boxers because she wanted all the clothes back that she bought him. She brought her bestie along to narrate and capture the entire embarrassing moment on video! Would you go this far if you caught a glimpse of your boo and his or her side booty living it up in public in threads you bought?


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