DRAKE's Still Droppin CASH Left + Right - Paid $50K for People's Groceries

Drake has been dropping cash left and right! He most recently took his generosity out and about and hit up a Miami grocery story. He took time to shop with folks and bought ALL their groceries. The final total was about $50,000 worth of groceries! 

Oh and all this is coming days after he not only donated $50K to a Miami school where he shot his latest music video, but he then donated $25K to pay for a young woman's college tuition. 

Drake is supporting education and then he turned around gave money to help women in need at a local shelter. Check out the excitement when he arrived to present the check for $50,000!

As if that wasn't enough, it looks as though he bought and gifted this young man a car. Drake is out here changing lives and giving back. Let's see if he touches down on the West Coast with some of his generosity!

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