#BayArea #CommuteLife Major Delays on BART Due to Disabled Vehicle

This morning BART riders on the Fremont and Warm Springs Line experienced major delays some places 40 minutes to an hour due to a disabled maintenance vehicle. Reports are saying that during regular maintenance and track inspection early this AM, the maintenance vehicle hit the third rail, which then meant that crews needed to get the maintenance vehicle back on the rail and then get it towed. Once completed they then had to remove more than 50 feet of railing that was damaged. 

All the work had to be completed while the regular morning commute took place, which meant that trains had to be single tracked through the problem area, causing heavy delays. 

Delays are getting better and down to about 20 mins (as of 9:48AM) and BART is doing everything to keep riders calm and get them on their way. AC Transit shuttles were also put in place to alleviate some of the foot traffic.

Thankfully no one was injured and tomorrow is Friday-so if you're a morning commuter, only one more day then weekend break!!

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