Tisha Campbell basically just confirmed 'Martin' is back!

There have been rumors that a 'Martin' reboot was going to be in the works but after all this time we weren't sure who would be involved, specifically folks were wondering if it happened would it include Tisha Campbell-Martin as Gina since there was a sexual harassment suit between her & Martin Lawrence at the end of the show's run. 

Well it seems Ms. Campbell-Martin has all but confirmed that a Martin reboot is in the works and she will be apart of it!

“I can’t tell you…It has been an honor to be Gina all these years. So….I can’t tell you guys anything. But it’s very exciting,” 

The only sad thing is that 'Tommy' aka Thomas Mikal Ford passed away back in 2016, but would you be down to see the Gang all back together one more time?!?!



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