Bay Area Rappers Respond to SOB x RBE's Hyphy Controversy!

Warning: Language

East Oakland rapper Young Gully (IG: @GullyThatNigga Twitter: @YoungGully) joined G Biz, Producer Max & Nump for a dope discussion about hip hop that ranged all the way from the Bay to Detroit and even down to the ATL! 

While discussing who he would like to work with in the Bay Area, Gully said SOB x RBE is near the top of that list, "maybe them SOB RBE dudes..." 

And since Gully brought up the "Anti" rappers, SOB x RBE, Max asked if everyone was aware of the recent controversy their lead man, Yhung TO started on Twitter...Yhung TO started a huge controversy last week when he tweeted, "SOB created the new Bay sound. You n*ggas still stuck in the Hyphy movement." 

Yhung TO let that tweet go viral with all the vocal Bay Area hip hop heads weighing in on the situation and didn't saying anything for a whole day... The next day he sent another Tweet saying, "and fa ery n*gga that took my sh*t outta context n used dis as an opportunity to express yo feelings u been hiding the whole time, Now you gotta deal with the storm that comes next #TuTuLand"

Gully, Nump- who was in the heart of the Hyphy movement, Tay Off the Top and everyone else in the room shared their opinions on the SOB x RBE rapper's controversial statements.... 

Listen to the podcast (above) or watch the video (below) and please leave a comment!  

You can skip to 7:50 to hear the conversation about SOB x RBE:

If you choose to listen/watch to the whole podcast, this is what you will hear/see: 

While discussing his influences, Gully said Bay Area legend The Jacka was his favorite, and went on to tell a couple stories that detailed how close he grew with the Pittsburg MC right before his murder on Feb. 2nd 2015. The 2 Hard 4 Radio crew is going to be in the building the "The Jacka's Art Show" at the Green Door SF on Feb. 2nd paying homage to the slain Bay Area legend.

When Max told Gully that the guys in his home town of Detroit wear the same style "Cartier" sunglasses, Gully went on to say how he has mad love and respect for Detroit and a lot of artists coming out of there. That lead into Nump showing major love to Detroit rapper Payroll Giovani and the work he's been doing with Cardo. Max let it be known that he's been listening to Payroll since back when he was in the Detroit group "Doughboyz Cashout."

The crew also talked about a recent interview G Eazy did with the Breakfast Club where he was hella open about his drugs use, so Gully discussed his personal knowledge of the role that drugs like lean, Xanax, & Percs play in hip hop music. They also discussed Mozzy's recent #KickTheCupChallenge where he challenged people to quit sipping lean by pouring out an un-opened bottle, and whether they thought it was a purely positive movement, or if there is some sort of hidden agenda behind it....

In true 2 Hard 4 Radio style, Gully spit a freestyle at the end and his homie Tay Off the Top @TayOffTheTop spit some fire straight from the dome which made G Biz & Nump spit some bars too! (Freestyle is only available in the podcast. Video coming soon!)