Erica Garner Secretly Taped Meeting With Justice Department Before Death


Erica Garner, the daughter of slain police brutality victim, Eric Garner, had some unfinished business with the Department of Justice before her death. 

Erica died on Saturday, Dec. 30, just a few days after suffering a heart attack on Christmas Eve (Dec. 24). According to reports, the heart attack was brought on by an asthma attack. After the heart attack, Erica reportedly became brain dead and then she was placed on life support before she passed away. She was only 27 years old. 

Now, new details about the months leading up to Erica's death are being discovered. According to her close family members and friends, the activist secretly taped a meeting in June with Department of Justice officials because she wanted to expose how slow of a process it was for her to get answers about her father's chokehold investigation.

Rolling Stone reports: "Erica was furious about the meeting, which she attended with her grandmother, Gwen Carr, as well as her mother, Esaw Snipes, and Reverend Al Sharpton. She felt that Justice officials had made empty promises."

So, picking up where Erica left off, her family has released the tape. You can watch it here.  

In the video, the DOJ officials can be heard telling Erica and her family that they can expect civil rights charges to be brought against the cop who gave her dad the fatal chokehold soon. "I think that we'll be at a decisional point within the next several months," an official said: "We're not talking about, no decisions being made on this case in 2018. That is not where we're at."

Erica's family says that these words from the DOJ were heavy on her mind before her death and she spoke about them often. These broken promises "upset Erica, who was tired, she said, of continually being asked to be pleased about things that were not concrete results, and/or promised action that was not forthcoming. As the New Year approached, she talked more and more about finding ways to pressure the Justice Department to act," RS continues. 

Eric Garner's case continues. Unfortunately, his daughter didn't see her dad get justice, while she was still here. Hopefully it comes soon. 

Photo: AOL


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