Audience Member Tries To Kill Comedian Steve Brown While On Stage


This looks absolutely crazy! Where was security when this happened?! It looks like comedian Steve Brown took the jokes too far with one member of the audience. The audience member suddenly jumped on stage and started trying to kill Steve Brown! Lucky he missed You can see eventually members from the audience attempted to break up the altercation.

Brown took to social media to set the record straight writing:

First off let me start by saying Thanks for the calls and messages from friends, fans and my family. With that being said, let me say this. This unprovoked attacked that happened to me tonight is a reminder of why these comedy clubs should have well equipped PROFESSIONAL security to protect us entertainers who bring their club so much money. I thank God for looking out for me and giving my old ass the ability to Bob and weave because this could have ended in horrible way.


Maybe he had mental issues. Either way, the club better beef up security!


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