Family sues Walnut Creek Dog Kennel After Dog's Ear Was Bit Off

Shadow didn't have a good stay at the Walnut Creek North Gate Kennels while his owners were in Tahoe over NYE weekend... They got a call saying he was in a dog fight but when they picked him up the injuries were terrible! Over 18 puncture wounds and his ear was literally ripped off. How does this happen at a place where your pet should be separated from other dogs, a place where you should feel like your dog is safe?  They had boarded him there before and had no issues until this time.  “I just want this to prevent this from happening to someone else,’’ she said. According to KTVU, LoriAnn Owens (Shadows owner) said, “I’m doing this because I want to make sure they are held accountable and no one else has to go through this.” 

Having a dog, I couldn't imagine coming back to her like this! I don't use kennels ever for reasons like this!  Luckily I have family that can watch her if I can't.  The fact that this dog was extensively mauled is out of pocket! I hope Owens gets to the bottom of this and sues the hell out of the kennel! 

Do you have a dog? What would you do if this happened to YOUR dog? 

Read the full story HERE



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