Bay Area Coach Charged With 62 Counts of Molestation


Normandie Burgos, 54, is set to stand trial on 62 child molestation charges after a December preliminary hearing. In the meantime, he is currently in jail waiting on a $20.8 million bail, according to court records.  Burgos was a well known tennis instructor that taught kids tennis in Richmond, Ca.  He would award his alleged sex victims gift after sexually molesting them.  He would gift them things like, tennis gear, shoes, and then "subject them to 'humiliation' when they refused his advances" according to EAST BAY TIMES... By the way this is his SECOND time he will stand trial for child sexual assault! Read the FULL STORY HERE! I am disgusted, first by his acts of child sexual assault, secondly by the fact that he was given another chance to molest kids.  He should have been in jail already. SMH 

Did you know this man? 


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