NFL Player Is CUT FROM TEAM Allegedly For ‘ABUSING’ Jerry Rice's Daughter!

Being rich and famous doesn't exempt you from abusive relationships. The daughter of former San Francisco 49er Jerry Rice, is speaking up about an abusive relationship every woman should read. Jada rice claims that while dating a college and later NFL player, Jeremy Liggins, that he would emotionally and physically abuse her. She took to Instagram to share her story about how her ex used to use her father's success against her writing:

Let me tell y’all about this man right here. This is my father. He may be the GOAT to you, or the best receiver to ever play the game, but at the end of the day I call him Dad. The most recent man I have dated in my life has used who my father is to belittle me in ways that are completely unacceptable. Living this life has overall placed a target on my back and I have been disrespected in ways that no one deserves, but I do not regret being who I am. Being who I am comes with challenges, but those only make me stronger. Yeah, my dad is Jerry Rice, but that has NEVER given me an excuse to never chase after my goals in life. I’m going to get my bachelors, I’m going to get my masters, I’m going to get my phd. So if for a second you THINK that I’m just going to live off of my dad for the rest of my life you’re absolutely wrong. My dad has worked so hard to provide me with a list of endless dreams that I could pursue and I’m grateful for that. But, if my dad becomes one of your insecurities while dating me then you aren’t meant for me. If anything, my dad should motivate you to want to be the best you could possibly be. Don’t ever say I will never amount to anything and I’m only something because of my Dad because I’m more than that. I’m a beautiful, smart, educated BLACK woman who is on the road to success and a big threat to your incompetence.

I cannot imagine what was going through her head when he allegedly tried to use her father's success and image against her. Allegedly, Liggins was cut from the Colts practice squad due to these allegations. Now, TMZ is also reporting the police have been called for domestic abuse allegations prior to her posting on Instagram.

According to the police report, Rice, 21, and Liggins -- a 24-year-old DT who was on the Colts at the time -- got into a verbal fight early in the morning on December 16 after a night of clubbing. Rice was upset about other women approaching Liggins throughout the night.

Rice claims she confronted Liggins around 2 AM and the argument turned physical ... with him shoving her. Rice says she then grabbed his gold chain, destroying it in the process. 

In fear for her safety, Rice says she fled to the bathroom ... but Liggins followed, breaking down the door before grabbing her by her hair and dragging her into the bedroom.

Once in the bedroom, Rice claims Liggins choked her with one hand ... "causing her to have difficulty breathing."

Rice called her mom who then called cops. 

At 5:38 AM, Indy PD arrived and checked out Rice -- who claimed her head and knee hurt -- but they didn't see any visible injuries. 

They also noted Rice seemed "intoxicated" ... "unsteady on her feet, slurring speech, and vomiting."

The report says they also questioned Liggins at the main entrance to the hotel, who said "other than pushing Rice back with his arm to create distance, he did not assault Rice."

He also said it was actually he who went to the bathroom in an attempt to distance himself from Rice.

Indy PD made no arrests ... and tells us the investigation is closed. A rep for the Marion County Prosecutor's Office tells us "no criminal charges were pursued in that matter."

Jada has also released some images of the alleged abuse. Either way, glad to see she was strong enough to walk away from the relationship. See more details and photos below.



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