Is Ginuwine Transphobic for not kissing a T-WOMAN?

R&B singer Ginuwine is being dragged through the mud online for not kissing a trans-woman on Celebrity Big Brother. India Willoughby came for Ginuwine & his lips while sitting next to him on the couch. The singer told her repeatedly that he would not date a trans-woman and then leaned in & tried to kiss him! Ginuwine turned away and expressed his disinterest. Once the clip hit the internet folks began calling the singer 'transphobic', but is he really transphobic for not being attracted to transgender women? Is he obligated to kiss a person simply because they want to kiss him? Black Twitter came to his aid & defended the singer for his personal preference. Is Ginuwine wrong or nah? I say no! I mean those are his lips... but, what do you think?



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