'Love & Hip Hop' Star Rah Ali Attacks 'Black Ink' Star Sky at Diddy's NYE P


When the reality cameras are off! Looks like 'Love & Hip Hop' Star Rah Ali has gotten her revenge on 'Black Ink' star Sky at Diddy's NYE Party! Of all places to start a fight, Rah allegedly claimed that she went to embrace Sky on the red carpet yet was unsure of her intentions so she went beastmode first!

If you dont recall, the two have fought previously on last seasons Black Ink, due to a beef over a mutual friends eyelash line. After, both said they were moving on from the fight, but apparently NOT.

Following the altercation, Sky posted numerous photos at Diddy's event, showing off her dress and the fact she is unbothered by the altercation that started the evening. Check it out below!



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