Bay Area MC Caleborate talks Growing Up Hyphy, J Cole, & more + Freestyle!

Bay Area rapper Caleborate joined G Biz, Max & Nump on the 2 Hard 4 Radio podcast!

The Berkeley lyricist talked about his new project "Real Person," what it was like growing up in Sacramento during the Hyphy days, and then what it was like moving to Berkeley as a teen and witnessing the gentrification of the Bay.

When Max asked about his song "Produced by J Cole," Caleborate explained how J Cole actually helped produce the song without even knowing! 

Caleborate also went into detail about his experiences at the Academy of Art and Expression College, and how those schools help him as an artist every single day.

Speaking of education, Caleborate spoke in depth about how his brother is a GENIUS who's about to get his PhD, but also had time to record a song called "Matrimony" with him.

We also covered a few random topics like: How does he feel about rappers like Lil Pump? Thoughts on Joe Budden leaving "Everyday Struggle?" Will the NFL let Diddy own a team? 

Before we let Caleborate leave, we had to have him spit a freestyle for us, and he did not disappoint! He dropped some straight FIRE!!! 🔥🔥🔥⛽️⛽️⛽️

Watch the full uncensored interview above, or if you prefer to listen to it in original Podcast form, check that out below: