Interview: Bay Area Rapper Chippass Interview + Freestyle!

Oakland rapper Chippass came in the studio with G Biz, Max & Nump for an in-depth interview after recently going viral with the #ChippassChallenge!

Chippass talked about how Sage-the-Gemini actually started the challenge, how it's helped his career, and who he was the most excited to see participate in it. 

The Sick-Wid-It rapper also discussed how he met E40, and how his life has changed since being signed to the label. 

While talking about the sh*t he hates most about the industry, Chippass told a story of how a fan once offered him his woman at a concert! After all the discussion about how hard his rhymes are, you know we had to get him to FREESTYLE! 

Checkout the UNCENSORED interview below:

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