Darya Folsom on KRON4 Faces Backlash For Diddy is "Drunk Or High" Comments

Just when you thought Bay Area people were "woke." KRON4's Darya Folsom and Henry Wofford are facing backlash online because of their racially charged comments about Sean "brutha love" Combs.

Diddy went on social media over the weekend to announce he wanted to purchase the NC Panthers, after the owner announced he was selling the team. The Warriors own, Stephen Curry, and former 49er Colin Kaepernick, also retweeted Diddy stating they wanted in on this deal.

Check out how Kron4 covered Diddy's interest.

Here's the video Wofford claims Diddy was "smoking blunts and drinkin 40's" when he filmed it.

Immediately after this played live on TV, the social media was quick to respond to their racially charged stereotypes about one of Hip Hop's most successful ambassadors. For the past 5 years, Diddy has been top 5 on Forbes Hip Hop Cash Kings, with an estimated worth of nearly $1 BILLION dollars. Obviously he knows how to conduct business and Diddy wasn't "high" when he made these statements. 

Henry Wofford was quick to respond to the negative backslash by claiming "it was taken out of context."  

Diddy is a businessman who has the work ethic, success & contacts to run an NFL team.My response to @DaryaKRONFolsom question was regarding if he's serious about buying the team. She laughed at my joke. The snippet takes things out of context. Sorry for any misunderstanding.

Darya Folsom neglected to apologize, and let Henry Wofford take the fall even though she cosigned his comments with "what does he even do" comments. The internet didn't give her a pass either. Check out reactions below.

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