Azealia Banks Says REMY MA Violated Parole & Threatens To Sue Over This....


If you missed the very public and most recent beef between Remy and Azealia. The main piece you probably missed was Remy Ma posting some texts shared between the ladies. Once these were posted Azealia shares that she felt violated and even shed some tears. She then jumped on social media to share the posts above (CLICK HERE TO SEE POSTS) bringing up the fact that Remy is on parole and threatening that things could get messy since according to NY Law and in Azealia's eyes Remy is in violation. Some would argue that Azealia has done meaner things and has violated the privacy of others- some would also argue that this is one of the loudest cries for attention. Do you think she should just focus on making quality music or do you think she should pursue this case?


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