Fraud? Bullied Student Keaton Jones Mom Exposed As A Racist

American hearts were broken after watching the viral video of Keaton Jones being bullied because of his looks. Instantly, celebrities from around the world reached out wanting to help this child.

Since this video has gone viral, details about the Jones family are emerging and alleges that Keaton was the actual bully calling African American children the N-word. 

Check out details and the original viral video below.

Making things worse, MMA fighter Joe Schilling claims he reached out to Keaton Jones' mother to invite him to an MMA event, but she denied the invitation and asked for money.

Since the video has gone viral, the GoFundMe page has raised $58k for the family. But since these allegations, the person who started the "Stand Up For Keaton" GoFundMe page has placed the account on hold (because he does not know the mother nor Keaton.) 

With the money being raised, many people have conflicted feelings about this child's cry for help because of the alleged sins of his parents. 

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