Father Goes Viral After Buying Daughter's Boyfriend A Car!

This dad just did something some fathers might have a hard time doing. Chris, the man in the video below, was surprised by his girlfriend's father with a new car. 


The father, who owns a body shop in texas, said he was so impressed with how "respectful" Chris was too his daughter, he bought him a car.

He tweeted, "I got this car for Chris and would not have done so if he wasn't an awesome young man with a bright future. He treats Madison with respect, he's fun to be around, and I'd be proud to call him my own. Thank you for recognizing the positive."

Of course, not everyone saw the good in this. Some people wrote negative racist comments while others compared their relationship to the movie "Get Out." See comments below.


How quickly people turn a positive into a negative. Watch the happy couple discuss the surprise below.



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