Racist Man Attacks Asian Man On B.A.R.T. Train "I'm Tired Of You Asian Ni**


This man is so lucky these people did not react! A old man was confronted by the asian man on B.A.R.T. for saying n*gr repeatedly, then the old man starts attacking the the man! Kudos to the man being attacked for standing up for what is right and also not reacting to this psycho even after he touched him!

Via Facebook

even in bay area, racism like this still exists. (I did call the BART police, but the guy left before they arrived)edit: I was merely the person filming it, not the guy being insulted. I wish I were as brave as him.edit2: clarification - this started because the old man was using the n-word repeatedly on the train, and the Asian guy decided to step in and tell him to stop.


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