5 Naked Folks In Accident, And That's Just The Beginning

In the Great White North of Canada, 5 naked people were arrested after a traffic accident. That's weird, right? It gets weirder. According to the police report and Mercury News:

"The naked five (who may not at that point have been naked) had kidnapped a man, a woman and a 6-week-old baby around 9:30 a.m. Monday in the town of Leduc, police say. The man was put in the trunk of the car.

About 15 minutes later, on the road near Nisku, the man managed to get out of the trunk of the moving car. Amid the chaos, the woman also managed to flee with her baby.

A passerby took the three into his truck and attempted to drive off — and the kidnappers then rammed the rear of his truck, sending both vehicles into a ditch, the RCMP release said.

Police arriving on the scene arrested the naked people, three adults and two youths."

Seems to crazy to be Canada!  



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