Would You Try This New Crunchy Chocolate Treat from Taco Bell?


Taco Bell has already started testing this new treat in the US and it is exactly what it sounds like. A Chocoladilla is a chocolaty dessert quesadilla and the treat is filled with smashed Kit Kat Bars and chocolate sauce wrapped inside a warm tortilla. Even in the most snack needed moments, this would still be a stretch for most minds to concoct but it's real! If you're lucky it will be at a Taco Bell near you from now through mid-November and just in time to satisfy your Halloween sweet tooth! The Chocoladilla has been served internationally with a version in the UK that had melted chocolate chips. They also featured one filled with Nutella in the Phillipines. The Nutella version sounds like a better option before this one...are you going to try it?

In other interesting Taco Bell news...

The new Taco Bell Cantina in Las Vegas is now allowing customers to order a wedding from their menu, meaning yes, you can get married in Taco Bell. Check out this couple that got married there after they won an all expense paid nuptial celebration. If you decide to get married there your celebration will be complete with a sauce packet bowtie and bouquet, along with Taco Bell champagne flutes and of course lots of tacos and Taco Bell treats!



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