Did You Know #PrisonBae Is MARRIED? His Wife Opens Up About His Cheating...


Just when you thought you knew all the dirt in Prison Bae's past...there's more! Prison Bae aka Jeremy Meeks is a married man! He has a child with his wife, Melissa, and is step dad to her two kids. He hasn't been staying true to his vow though! Once the calls and opportunities started coming in Jeremy started traveling more and the time away is what may have caused his infidelity, or at least that's one of his wife's theories. 

She says that she didn't even know that he was looking for another relationship until she saw pictures of him all boo'd up with an heiress! She says they've been married for about 9 years and on paper they are still married but she won't be fighting for her boo, because it looks like he has moved on. Watch the vid to learn more about their relationship- and to think she stood by him while he was locked up!


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