Nef The Pharaoh & Rolling Loud Fest Co-Founder Tariq on Young Power Moves


In a matter of three years, the Rolling Loud Festival has become a premiere music festival for Hip Hop fans all over the U.S., with plans to expand to Asia & beyond in the next year. What started as a side hustle during his college days, co-founder Tariq Cherif has managed to put together one of the most highly anticipated festivals out, with acts including Lil Wayne, Travis Scott, Kendrick Lamar, and Future, and he's done this all while being under the age of 30.

With the Rolling Loud Fest making its Bay Area debut this weekend, Tariq stopped by for the latest installment of the Street Light Series, and brought alongside with him, the Bay's own Nef the Pharaoh, who will be taking stage on Saturday. The guys talk about how they've been able to make their own individual power moves at such a young age, as well as being fathers and what has helped inspire them thus far in their careers.

Nef also shares his thoughts on artists that don't perform live, as well as his latest venture into the marijuana industry.

Get your laugh on as Nef gives Tariq a quick tutorial on Bay slang, and more!


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