2YR Old DENIED A Kidney Transplant FROM His Dad Because of Parole Violation


Meet 2 year old AJ, who was born without both of his kidneys. He is a fighter and just recently his family found out that his dad is a 100% match. His dad, Anthony Dickerson, is more than willing to give his son his Kidney, but when they tried to go through with the transplant, AJ was denied the surgery because his dad violated probation. The hospital has asked that Anthony show good behavior for three months before they even consider performing the transplant. AJ's mom says that he is very sickly and needs the transplant sooner than later, she also shares that if this surgery isn't ok'd he would have to be on the donor waiting list for years and in his condition she doesn't think he will make the wait.

Meet the family and learn more about AJ's amazing battle to live. You can help out...CLICK HERE to sign the petition so that AJ and his father can go through with the Kidney Transplant surgery.


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