KMEL All Star DJ Amen loses family home in North Bay Fire.

Shoutout to a Santa Rosa native son & 106 KMEL All Star Dj, DJ AMEN who's family like thousands of others were affected by the fires in the North Bay over the past few days. 

Amen has been a pillar in the Bay Area hip hop community for some years now & he just announced that his family lost their home over the past few days.

These fires have been hitting close to home for all of us, and many folks either have been affected or have close friends / family / coworkers who have been affected. 

Please hit up @DJAMEN3000 on instagram & send his family love! Also if you can then you can for sure donate to one of the funds set up by the city of Santa Rosa by hitting this link DONATE! or get more information & other donation sites at



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