Bride Cheats with Best Man ON Wedding Day! "It's Not That Big of A Deal!"


Most people aren't here for infidelity, but cheating before you even get married, is a HUGE red flag. Meet Cynthia Bennett a bride to be that gave, Paul Vaughn, her then fiance more than one red flag and more than enough reasons to leave her at the alter!! Not only did she cheat, she did it on their wedding day with her Maid of Honor AND his Best Man, and the icing on the cake...Paul walked in on the whole thing! She blames alcohol for the whole situation and said that it really wasn't that big of a deal! YIKES!

Not only does she think she should keep the ring, she thinks Paul should and will take her back. See what happens when the court scene plays out...and wait until you see the surprise witness that Paul brings along to help his case! Messy messy Cynthia, just messy!

If you were the judge would you let her keep the ring?


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