Forbes Drops Their 2017 List of the Highest Paid Hip Hop Artists

You can probably already guess some of the names that made this list, but there are a few new additions and some that you may have thought would be in different slots.

Diddy tops the list with a total of $130 million in pretax earnings. From his humble beginnings of being a newspaper delivery boy, he's taken his art of attention to detail to everything he touches, including his current projects with his vodka, tequila and water companies. Not to mention he recently sold a portion of his Sean John clothing line for an estimated $70 million. Yup Cash King!

Drake, comes in at #2 at $94 Mil and he also holds the tile for the world’s most-streamed artist over the past two years. 

Jay-Z's earnings of $42 million secured him the #3 spot. Now with the recent touring deal he inked, he'll be on this list for some time because that deal will pay him $200 million through the coming decade.

New additions to the list include Chance the Rapper, whose at #5 with $33 million and Lil Yachty  who comes in at #20 with $11 million.

Some names that you were sure would make the list include Kendrick Lamar at #6 with his $30 million, while DJ Khaled makes the top 10 coming in at #9 with $24 million. His son Ashad, will surely be on the list sooner than you think!

Check out more cash kings that made the list here....

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