Taco Bell Will Be Getting Rid of Drive Thrus To Add This To the Menu


For some folks having a Taco Bell in the neighborhood that has already started selling adult beverages is nothing new. But after this expansion plan, it looks like Taco Bell will be catering to the 21+ crowd even more! With the addition of these new 'cantina' locations Taco Bell will now offer not only their regular menu but soon you'll be able to pair it with a Margarita, beer, sangria or an adult slushy spiked with Rum or even Vodka. At these locations, which are reportedly, set to open between now and 2022 there won't be a drive thru for logical reasoning and they will be set up with trendy furnishings, more like a bar, unlike a fast food chain lobby that we've become used to.

These 300 new locations will probably mirror the Cantina location in Las Vegas that is already serving up Tacos and Boos nightly! Check it out here...



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