It Took Twitter Only 90 Minutes to Track and Knock Out a Nazi

Lets start from the beginning. On Sunday, twitter user @BigotBasher posted a photo of a man riding a bus in Seattle, wearing a swastika armband.


The man was allegedly harassing black men on the bus. He was later said to be in the downtown area of Seattle where he was allegedly harassing more people. Once  he was spotted, @bigotbasher posted his location. 


With social media, it doesn't take long for people to respond. When confronted on the streets, the man can be heard saying " they deserve the welfare" before another unknown man knocks him out with one punch.


Within 90 minutes of his first post and the video emerging online, the man had been knocked out. Since then the video has gone viral with many people applauding the attacker for his actions.


Can't say I feel bad for him.


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