Kenneka Jenkins Video Released

Jenkins, from the West Side of Chicago, was found in the  freezer early Sunday morning after disappearing from a party in a room  at the hotel. Police have said they are treating the case as a death  investigation, not a homicide probe.


Her  death has become the focus of fevered online conjecture, with thousands  of people using Facebook videos evidently taken at the hotel room party  to spin theories about what happened. Many contend Jenkins was  murdered.

On Thursday, a Chicago community activist tried  to put an end to the speculation, saying he watched the surveillance  video and it showed Jenkins entering the freezer alone.

After  the family released its statement Friday, activist Andrew Holmes said  he was sticking to his statements. "My point was — and I'm going to  stand by it — I didn't see anyone downstairs behind her," he said. "I  didn't see anyone in front of her. I didn't see anyone trying to force  her back there. That's my point and I'll stick to it."

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