New Video From Kenneka Jenkins Hotel Party Shows Jenkins Alive

The world is demanding answers after the tragic death of Kenneka Jenkins last Sunday morning. A facebook live video has gone viral since because it allegedly captured moments people believe Jenkins was raped, set up for $200 by her friend, and screaming for help as her friends drowned out her cries with music. 

Now, another facebook live video seemingly from the same hotel room party has emerged which allegedly shows what happened after the aforementioned viral video. In the video, you can see Kenneka partying with her friends multiple times in the video yet doesn't seem to be incoherently drunk. 


In the video, you also hear the young man mention the hotel manager was at the door and you can hear a female voice saying "they playing in the freezer." Hoping he can help shed light on what happened following this video.

Either way, these young people know what happened to Kenneka Jenkins and are the only people who can provide closure to Jenkins mother. Our hearts go out to Kenneka's mother and we hope she finds justice and peace.

On another note, another video is circulating online where a man claims to have spoken with the people who attended this party and explains why Jenkins was found in the freezer. Listen below.



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