Meet Some People That Are Real Life Celebrity Lookalikes

People have always said that each person has at least one look-a-like in the world. Wouldn't it be crazy to randomly run into yours. Check out some of these real like celebrity doppelgangers, and according to them, they are not related at all...they could have fooled us! Some of these celebs have even taken the time to meet their "twins".


You probably took a double take on this Nia Long look-a-like. Yah they have to be related!


So, Karrueche is that your sister?! Quit playing, they're twinsies! 


Meet Andele - people mistake her for Rihanna and frequently!


Kim K actually got the opportunity to meet her doppelganger! The duck lips definitely accentuate their similarities! 


Take a closer look that's not Angelina Jolie's little sister. That's Chelsea and she should definitely get in business to play Angie's double!


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