Chicago woman found dead in freezer of hotel, family suspect friends.


This is one of the most heartbreaking things i've ever heard. A young girl, Kenneka Jenkins, was found dead in a hotel freezer early Sunday morning. Her mother had been looking for her since her friends 5am Saturday morning. 


Jenkins originally borrowed her mother's truck to go bowling with friends Friday evening. After Jenkins went missing, Jenkins friends called her mother around 4:30am Saturday to tell her they could not find her and drove the mothers truck back to her home. 

The mother then got up and went to the hotel early Saturday morning to look for Jenkins, requesting to look at video surveillance yet was denied due to not having a warrant. She then turned to the police, who instructed her to wait a few hours before they began looking for Jenkins.

 It wasn't until Saturday evening that police began searching at the hotel alongside with Jenkins family. At the family's request, police looked at surveillance footage a second time and found video of Jenkins stumbling in the lobby. They claim to not have any footage of how Jenkins got into the double door freezer, in an area of the hotel that was under construction and was not supposed to be accessed by guest. 

There are multiple stories as to what actually happened to Jenkins but the live stream video seemingly tells a tragic story.

Jump to the 2:00 mark to hear enhanced audio


Based on the live stream video, allegedly, Jenkins was actually set up by her friends for $200 to attend the hotel room "kick back" celebrating another friend's birthday.  In the video, allegedly you can hear Jenkins cry out for help saying "help me" and her friends commenting on the boys in the room raping her. Another allegation is the friends actually tried to drown out Jenkins screams with the loud music. Some allege you can see in the girls eyeglasses Jenkins in a headlock and lying on the bed. Some also believe the girl was on live and stating the room number to the hotel as a cry for help.

The friends have not addressed these allegations, yet Jenkins mother stated the girls story have changed multiple times since reporting Jenkins missing. The girls claim they left the room together yet Jenkins had left her phone and keys. The three friends left Jenkins in the hallway to go back and retrieve Jenkins keys and phone yet she was gone when they returned.

We will have to wait and see what actually happened to Jenkins who died a horrible death. More details into Kenneka Jenkins death can be found here!


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