Check the new Episode of the VONTOURAGE!!

This might be the best face ive seen ever. Look close to Conner Suit. Every line is meant for Floyd.

Tax issues mean nothing to the champ! Showing off his payday before the fight. Like the the Tax man not watching. 

With all thats goin on in the world. I guess Good Morning America feels like Blacc Chyna is News. If you let her tell it, Rob worst the bully of all bullys. What you think.

Incase you ever wonder who else post pics n videos of Blacc Chyna. Click Here BlueStarlive Blacc Chyna WARNING NOT SAFE FOR WORK! 

But posting pics like Rob did is bad business. Didnt work out to well for a teen that thought it was fun and games on the gram. He found out the hard way.

Its real!! 21 is rocking with Amber! Words from the Savage him self. He ready to Pull Up! 

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