Officer Hospitalized After Angry Skateboarder Mob At Dolores Park

An impromptu skateboard race down a hill at Dolores Park in San Francisco turned sour today. Initially, reports on social media say officers were allowing the race, and were on scene to keep people out of the street. The skateboarders then began racing down the sidewalk. Things went sour after an SFPD officer allegedly purposely shoulder checked a skateboarder racing down the street, causing the skater to fly over a police vehicle seemingly injured.

The entire incident was caught on video.

Hundreds of people were already gathered watching the boarders race. Immediately following the incident, witnesses voiced their anger and frustration with the officers actions. Things got worse when more officers were called to the scene and skateboarders began bashing out police car windows. Officers were allegedly shooting bean bags at skateboarders. Check out live updates from twitter below.

San Francisco police spokeswoman Grace Gatpandam said via Twitter police officers “were taking projectiles from the crowd. One officer has been injured.

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