Jada Pinkett & 50 Cent Criticize Tupac Movie "All Eyez on Me!"

All Eyez On Me Review

On the day that Tupac would have turned 46 years old, a movie depicting the rapper's life is getting some mixed reaction.

I (Producer Max) was lucky enough to see an advanced screening of "All Eyez On Me" and as a huge Pac fan I left the theater satisfied. It's a must-see for any Pac fan, if for nothing else to be able to debate whether or not it represented the GOAT accurately. Demetrius Shipp not only looks just like the legend, but sounds exactly like him as well. Besides a few questionable actors, the storyline keeps you locked and there's enough funny parts to keep you laughing and entertained even if you're not particularly thrilled with the movie.

You can listen to me talk about the movie with Sana G & Lexx Jonez in the clip above.

Rapper 50 Cent came out and said the movie was TRASH, while Diddy & Suge Knight both approved the movie. And actress Jada Pinkett also sent out a series of Tweets saying the movie "lies" about her relationship with Tupac:

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