Kehlani Kicks Out Disrespectful Fan Who Yelled 'KYRIE' While She Performed

The bays own Kehlani is catching some heat today after kicking a disrespectful fan out of her show. During one of her stop on her SSS Tour, a fan in the audience attempted to harass Kehlani during her performance by screaming "Kyrie." Immediately, Kehlani calls that fan out, invokes her fans help to point out the yeller, so she could kick him out of her show. Kehlani, and fans respond saying "Get the F*ck Out.... Get his b*tch a$$ out of here. We don't play that b*tch a$$ $hit here... Kyrie would whoop your @ss that's my best friend."

He must have forgot Kehlani was from the bay, we don't play that! Watch below.


Following the clap back, fans took to social media to vent anger over her actions. Kehlani quickly explained why she chose to kick out the fan and exactly what she had to endure over the last year. She wrote:

Can you blame her for getting pissed? I say, if you feel disrespected, kick them out, just as she did! Kudos to Kehlani for sticking up for herself and representing THE BAY!

Don't recall what the Kyrie drama was over? Check it out below.

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