Teenage Girl Says Her Mom's Boyfriend Has Been Sexually Abusing Her And The Mother Beats Her Up

This is so sad on so many different levels. A teenage girl was beat up by her mother, moments after telling her mother that her mother's boyfriend had sexually assaulted her. Although I don't condone the daughter trying to fight her mother, mom was completely wrong for snatching her by her hair and basically trying to humiliate her in public. 

A lot of comments saying the girl only said she was assaulted to get away from her mother's grip. If you confessed something like this to your mother, and this was their reaction, it's no wonder the child is acting out or has problems.

This is a real life 'Precious' situation. Everyone standing around laughing are complete lowlifes. Hoping this mother actually investigated her daughter's claims instead of calling her a liar and then assaulting her like she did in this video. This young girl has no trust in her mother.

Claims online state the police are not investigating nor is social services investigating. Hoping this young girl finds help.

Photo Credit: Video

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