Woman Fired From Job After Video Of Her Assault & Verbally Abusing Officer Goes Viral!

This was just unnecessary and a poor excuse for a human being.  The woman in the video below is now not only facing assault charges and has been fired after her behavior at a comedy club Sunday evening. The backstory:

About last night: this very obnoxious lady, who wasn't drunk (nor high I think) was disturbing the show with her "loud whispering". 

After 3 warnings and other customers were complaining she was asked to leave. When she got kicked out she assaulted (kicking, punching, and eye poking) 3 of the employees in bar area right outside the showroom and then outside she mock spit in the manager's face when a cop came. She verbally abused this poor cop who was trying to keep the peace at first.

The show was great though! Love me some Philly! Thank you 

This woman deserved to be arrested after the officer was clearly was showing patience. She shouldn't have tried to spit on that man. Check out what she had to say about her behavior after the video.

Via NYPost

A television reporter who was fired for berating a cop during an expletive-filled tirade outside of a Philadelphia comedy club says she feels “ruined” and wants to apologize to the officer after getting threats.

Colleen Campbell, 28, of Philadelphia, said she only learned that her cringe-worthy rant outside of Helium on Sunday was caught on camera and posted to Facebook after she was busted on charges of resisting arrest, criminal mischief and disorderly conduct.

“When I came home, I called my producer to talk about why I was absent,” Campbell told Philadelphia Magazine. “I didn’t realize a video was out. I found out about it later because HR called me and said I was being terminated. They said there’s a video. I said, ‘What video?’”

New York-based comedian Wil Sylvince posted a 5-minute clip of a “very obnoxious” Campbell after she was kicked out of the club for “loud whispering” throughout the show.

She denied being disruptive to an officer, prompting a man who was accompanying her to thank the cop for his patience. The officer replied that he just wanted the pair to walk away.

“Or what? Or what, mother f–ker? Lick my a–hole,” Campbell says on the video, which has been viewed more than 1.5 million times as of Tuesday. “How about that? F–king piece of s–t. That’s why nobody likes f–king police…idiots in this f–king town.”

Campbell, according to Philadelphia Magazine, claimed in a Facebook post that she only had one drink and suggested she might have been drugged before deleting her social media accounts. She’s been receiving “threats” and wants to apologize to the officer, she told the magazine.

“That’s not me or how I talk or act or anything at all,” she said. “I don’t know what to do. I feel ruined and embarrassed for me and my family.”

Asked why she thinks she was drugged, Campbell said “everything was foggy,” adding that she remembers getting into an altercation at the club but said she didn’t know what about.

In her original Facebook post on the incident, Campbell claimed to have had only one drink, but she admitted having a total of five, including two shots an hour before the show and some while bartending earlier Sunday.

“I feel awful,” she told the magazine. “That’s not me or how I speak or how I talk or how I was raised. I had to delete all my social media, because I’m getting threats.”

You were drugged? Ok. Don't backpedal now!

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