Child thrown from slide at new $43 million dollar water park in Dublin

So glad the kid is ok but this isn't good news for Dublin's latest attraction.


A 10-year-old boy was thrown from a slide at the new water park in Dublin today. 

The $43 million water park "The Wave" opened today, but some attractions closed after the boy was tossed off the slide, called The Emerald Plunge. 

The slide drops riders 3 stories at an 80-degree angle before flattening out. 

According to reports, no police or fire officials were called to the scene, and the boy walked away from the incident. His parents say they will seek medical attention for him on their own.

Park officials say they are reevaluating the slide, but say they followed the manufacturer's guidelines for the attraction, including height requirements.

The water park is 31,000 square feet and has three pools and a water playground.

 Photo Credit: Video

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