DC is Chillin in Cancun Day #1

"They don't want you to go on Vacation, So you go on Vacation" - DJ Khaled.

Well I don't think he specifically said it in those words but... I digress.

Hopefully things are going well Bay Area, I've gotten a few messages from listeners on Instagram saying they miss me & I miss you too

Here's a quick look into Day #1 of Vacay..... 

Oh & it's safe for work... I'm not gonna tell on myself 

The only piece of the next photo you need to know as it's a bit blurry is..... it's almost 6am and the club is still packed.... I didn't actually get there till 5am.... needed a bit of sleep lol.

After the party.... hit my favorite Taco spot in Cancun, The Taco Factory.... but first I had to stop & party a bit more lol.

I Also what happens in Cancun, stays in Cancun..... mostly..... I'll have some more updates to come.... 

Be safe this memorial weekend!

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