Man Gets Sentenced To 7 Years In Prison Even Though A Jury Found Him 'not Guilty'

These type of stories make you question how effective our legal system really is and who is it really serving. A man was accused of armed robbery of a convenient store after the clerk claimed to recognize his photo on facebook months after the robbery. The man accused turned himself into police knowing he would be released because he claims he did not commit the crime.

The clerk who accused him of being the robber repeatedly changed her story.  Her initial interviews never noted the tattoos on his face or body, nor did she consistently note what clothing the robber was wearing. For that reason, the jurors did not find her credible and he was found not guilty. 

Unfortunately, because he was already out on probation, the probation revocation judge found the clerks testimony "likely" and revoked his probation. Even though he never violated his probation previously, he will now serve 10 years for his original crime, stealing a $120 tv. 

Granted, he was already out on probation. But you cannot control if someone accuses you of a crime. The fact that a jury found should not be negated because a judge thinks otherwise. Now, he will not be released until 2020.

Let me know what you think below.

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