Man Who Punched Female Security Guard Turned Himself Into Police

There is no excuse for this behavior. The man who punched a female security guard in her face has turned himself into police. Matthew DeLeon, a 23 year-old member of the U.S. Army, was lying down drunk in front of the building, Zao Stigler was securing, 

Stigler approached DeLeon asking him if he was ok and needed help. When he eventually began throwing up, she asked him and his friends to move from in front of the building so she could clean up his throw up. Then, DeLeon throws water at her with his water bottle, and punched her in her face! He can then be seen walking off slowly with his wife, and 2 friends. 

That punch fractured Stigler's eye socket and nose requiring surgery.

Now that the video of the attack has gone viral, DeLeon has turned himself into police. He claims he was drunk at the time and is extremely remorseful for his actions. 

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