Prezi Talks Beating Murder Charge, Mozzy, & Fallout with Former Labelmate

San Francisco’s own Prezi has the Bay Area buzzing with his latest single “Do Better,” generating over 2.7 million YouTube views since its release. With the street anthem continuing to grow and expand beyond the local music scene, 106KMEL’s own Shay Diddy & DJ Black Marc invited Prezi for the very first installment of the 'Street Light Series.

'Prezi talked about the recent success and fame he’s experienced with the hit single, and the extra attention it’s drawn towards him. He kept things honest as he talked about the impact it has had on his life, especially with last year’s murder charge. Prezi revealed what led to the arrest and how he was able to beat the charge, and how it has affected his relationship with a former friend and colleague, Llama Llama.

The Hunter’s Point rapper also talked about what he has planned for the remainder of the year, including his newest single “Emergency” and upcoming shows and projects. He also talked about his respect for Mozzy and why he thinks he’s the best rapper out. 

Check it all out below!Be sure to also subscribe to DJ Black Marc’s YouTube channel to get the latest updates for the Street Life Series, featuring upcoming artists.

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