Video girl telling Trump impersonator he is a 'disgrace to the world' fools THOUSANDS

A lot of people around the world wanted this clip to be real. Unfortunately, the little girls comments were made to a Trump impersonator. Give her credit though, it was unscripted and she thought it was the real Trump! Still hilarious.

Via Dailymail

A five-second clip, taken from Comedy Central's The President Show, showed Trump impersonator Anthony Atamanuik approaching the girl for a photo opportunity, only to be swiftly shut down.

The video was liked more than 250,000 times on Twitter and viewers were quick to hail the young girl as a 'hero' for telling Atamanuik, 'You're a disgrace to the world.'

Atamanuik, who has appeared on 30 Rock and Broad City, stars in The President Show, which premiered less than two weeks ago.

The impersonator took to the streets and tried to pose for a picture with a young girl who quickly backed away, aimed her cell phone camera at him, and declared: 'You're a disgrace to the world.' 

But a short clip posted on Twitter only showed Atamaniuk from behind, with the Comedy Central's logo cropped out of the frame.

Audiences assumed they were watching a real interaction of President Donald Trump being brutally insulted by a young girl, and the video went viral, with celebrities like Rosie O'Donnell gleefully proclaiming: 'SHE IS THE REAL DEAL'.

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