Santa Clara bans sugary drinks from fast food kids' meals!

Sugar-sweetened aren't going to be included in kids' meals any longer at Santa Clara County restaurants as of a few days ago. 

The County's board of supervisors made the decision on the ban to help health awareness in the South Bay. 

The board also voted to support  a new policy in the Santa Clara Valley Health and Hospital System to stop all sales of sugary beverages in the cafeteria, café and gift shop of the Santa Clara Valley Medical Center.

Folks on the board were quoted saying.... "It's well established that consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages does contribute to the risk for diabetes being overweight and obese"

They even dropped a PSA for kids to understand how bad sugary drinks can be for you that I grabbed for you to check out below!

Do you think they're overreaching, or just keeping the public's health in mind? 

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