Man Stops Guy From Beating His Girl

It is insane this man tried to defend his behavior, beating on this girl. A reporter spotted a man becoming aggressive with a girl at a park. After realizing things were escalating quickly, the reporter decided to begin recording and ran over to stop the attack. 

Via 9 news

Last June I was walking my dog at Commons Park when I saw a guy place a young woman in a headlock. He began throwing her around inside a brick structure at Commons Park.

There was nobody around seeing this and I felt compelled to stop the attack out of fear things would get far worse.

Video is the best witness, especially in situations when someone may be doing something wrong, so I began to record as I ran towards the direction of the attack.

As you’ll see in the video, [the suspect, Simplicio] Mendez-Santos was on top of the woman choking her as I ran up and started yelling.

The young woman escaped and after some heated words were exchanged, he spat on me.

Police responded and arrested Mendez-Santos. They took my video as evidence and filed a case against him.

Mendez-Santos is currently wanted on the misdemeanor warrant for this assault case because he failed to appear for a court hearing.

That’s right: the guy in the video is still wanted – and Jeremy says the 19-year-old was arrested again for a misdemeanor assault in Adams County after the choking incident occurred (he was convicted for that one – and was also arrested in 2015 for failing to appear in court for another case).

Jeremy says he “very much would like to see this guy answer for his crime” – and that’s why he decided to post the video a year later.


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