CRAZY VIDEO: Good Samaritan SAVES A Woman From Getting BEAT UP By Abusive Boyfriend . . . And It Turns Into A HIGH SPEED CHASE On The FREEWAY!!

This man is an angel. He's driving down the street and witnesses a man beating on a woman. He pulls over to intervene and ends up confronting the man before he tells the woman to get into his car so he could drive her to the police station. 

The woman is absolutely hysterical, crying, and petrified the man would get to her and "burn her house up." The good samaritan never backed down, and continued to drive to the police even after the man made threats towards him and the woman.

When they arrived at the police station, the samaritan waited with the woman in the car frantically asking the police to come out side to help them, because he was beating on their window. The man then drives his car into the good samaritan's car before driving off. 

Absolutely insane. Hoping the police find this man and throw him in jail. But, this good samaritan is a true hero. Sacrificing his property and time to save this woman from an abuser.

He recorded the entire incident. Watch below.

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